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R 16 250 000 (814 536 EUR*)

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± 1744 ha

This 1744.2904Ha farm is located +/- 21km south of Alldays, +/- 37km north of Vivo, and +/- 47km north-west of Waterpoort in the Vetfontein area, Limpopo province, South Africa. The area is well known for favorable climate and sweetveld, elements that compliments and support both livestock and crop farming. The farm is located among a number of other successful irrigation, small and large livestock, and game farms. Access to the property is obtained via the Waterpoort / Alldays tarmac.

The property is owned by a South African registered trust. The Trust is not VAT registered.

Income is derived from Livestock farming (Cattle & Boergoat), and the cultivation and production of various cash crops. The favourable climate and growing conditions allow for early season, mid-season, and late season harvests. The benefit of an early season and/or late season harvest is associated with above average mid-season market prices.

The farming operation is well organised and equipped with an irrigation system on 80Ha developed arable land, 102 patches, each with individual water supply and drip irrigation installed. Sufficient water supply and various large water resevoirs, supported by registered water rights, allow for continuity in crop production processes. Crop packaging and storage facilities include a large 500m² structure with cement floor with easy access from both ends, lock up storage facilities and 2x cold rooms.

Typical crop produced include, Butternut, Herbert squash, Baby marrows, Patty pans, Sweet corn, Tomatoes, potatoes, Sweet potatoes and Okra. Additional to the above a granadilla and prickly pear orchard exist.

The remaining 1500Ha land boasts a variety of Bushveld savannah ranging from large trees, shrub and an abundance of grass species, a haven for successful farming in cattle and boergoats. Tree species found in the area include, Red Bushwillow, Corkwood, Purple-pod cluster leaf, Marula, Shepperd, Acacia and Baobab. Grass species typical to the area include, Finger grass, Sand Quick, Carrot-seed, Mexican feather, Pappus, Pangola, Natal, Ngongoni, Kalahari, Signal, Cane, Guinea, and Buffalo grass.

Historical statistics indicate toward successful farming with a minimum of 120 mature cattle and 1600 Boergoats. Infrastructure to support livestock farming is neat, practical, and safely secured around the main operational areas on the property. An additional 300m² animal feed storage facility exist.

Cattle handling facilities include a number of gathering area “Kraals”, strategically located around drinking throughs at various locations on the farm. A main gathering area, equipped with a load and offload ramp as well as a single-line passage. The single line passage allows for one-on-one interaction during dip or any other required one-on-one process.

An extensive handling area, which allow space for up to 1600 goats include, holding pens, lambing pens, separation pens, hospital and isolation camps, grazing camps, and a comfortable work/administrative facility.

A separate Game breeding camp exist, specifically developed for exotic species.

Workers accommodation include 12x rooms in a securely fenced area. The Worker accommodation facility is separated and off-site from the main residential area.

The residential area is completely fenced and gated. A greenery which consist of large perennial tree, lawn and lucious garden surrounds the residence

Infrastructure include in the residential perimeter include, a main residence with lapa, 8x bay underroof parking, a farm shop, bucher store fitted with coldroom, laundry, lock-up storage and netted green houses.

The 340m² Main residence boasts 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a Kitchen, Dining room, Lounge, Study, a sizeable thatched lapa, and a veranda at the front entrance to the residence.

Undercover parking facility allow for 7x vehicles and an extra heigh caravan parking entrance

Additional infrastructure and other outer buildings include a 18m² lock up Chemical store, workshop, and tools room.

The perimeter of the property is completely game fenced. A total of 17 grazing inner camps exist.

Property specifications:

 Asking price - R 16 250 000-00 (Excluding VAT)
 Total area – 1744.2904 Hectares (2x Registered Title deed)
 Kindly note that, excluding land, the estimated inclusive value of development &Infrastructure, movable assets and game amounts to;
 Development and Infrastructure: R 9 276 205-00
 Movable assets: R 0-00
 Game & Livestock R 0-00
 Total value R 9 276 205-00

 Ownership – Trust
 VAT status – Not VAT registered

 Access of the Waterpoort/Alldays tarmac road
 Access gates and well-maintained control routes(roads)
 1744.2904 Ha completely fenced, 17x Cattle grazing camps and 3x fenced arable sections.
 Residential area – fenced & gated


 2x Eskom transformer (50kVa)
 1x Generator (15kVa)

 Irrigation - 17x Borehole (Functional & Equipped) – Tested capacity: 90 000 litres per hour
 Registered Water rights
 Domestic use – 1x Borehole (Functional & Equipped) - Fresh water storage and supply via elevated Plastic tank.
 3x Cement reservoirs / 1x Zink reservoir with pump system


Main residence (330m²) – Airconditioned
 3x Bedroom
 2x Bathrooms
 1x Kitchen
 1x Dining room
 1x Lounge
 1x Study
 1x Lapa
 Veranda (Front)

Recreational & Support structures
 Accommodation facilities safe and securely fenced in - Electrical fence & Gated
 Lawn, garden, and many large trees (Completely irrigated garden)
 Underroof parking – 7x vehicles / 1x caravan
 2x Shade net covered Greenhouses
 Butcher store fitted with Cold room
 Laundry
 Farm shop
 2x Lock-up storage


Farm Support
 1x 500m² Wash plant & Packaging store (Underroof, concrete floor with lock up storage)
 1x 300m² Feed barn)
 16m² Lock up Chemical store
 Large parking area – Implements, machinery & equipment
 Industrial water supply pump stations
 15kVa Generator (Back-up supply)

Staff Accommodation
 12x Workers rooms
 Enclosed yard
 Eskom Power supply
 Communal Ablution facility

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